Tappy Toes

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Christopher spent his whole life homeless and couch surfing being separated from his mother at a young age. While playing with his friend one day, he notices a strange ball in a forest. When the ball starts shapeshifting in front of his eyes, he communicates with it and realizes it’s an alien shapeshifter who’s also looking for his parents. Will these two friends find the people they have been searching for? Play “Tappy Toes” to find out!

- Free and easy to use!
- Amazing graphics and sounds bring the avatars to life!
- Creative backgrounds keep it fun and fresh!
- Share your high score with a friend and get a free reward!
- Play daily and earn rewards!
- Unlock all 10 shoes, 10 legs and all 50 avatars!
- Play the hard mode to unlock 5 special avatars!

Will you unlock everything? Will you discover what Switch looks like? Try it now for free!

Here is the full story...

It all began with a shape shifting family visiting earth on their annual vacation spot. The parents had a young shifting teenager with them, who was mistakenly left behind when he separated from his parents trying to find some objects that were easy to transform into near a playground. Shapeshifters do not properly take their form until they practice shifting many times to prepare their body for their TRUE form.

A young boy named Christopher was playing “Tappy Toes” with a friend and the ball took a bad bounce away from him landing in the woods. The boy searched for a few minutes with no luck of finding the ball, but to his surprise he discovered a new ball sitting in the same path as the soccer ball he lost, “Hmmm…where did this come from?” he asked aloud. The ball had some kind of face drawn onto it almost to make it look alive, With no other choice he grabbed this new ball and took it back to his friend and they started playing again. After a few taps Christopher's friend was being called by his mom to come join them for lunch.

Christopher had been separated from his mom when he was three years old and has only known his father. So when he sees and hears his friend's mom it brings a little sadness to him. He waved goodbye to his friend and started walking home. I miss her. He wanted to ask his father again if they could go search for his mom today.

On the way home Christopher was kicking the ball into the air having fun and passing by the neighbor’s cat called Mr. Woofy, which was an odd name for a cat, but great for a dog. Well as they passed by and a few more taps later Christopher's new ball transformed into ball shaped Mr. Woffy! Christopher was beside himself in a mesmerized but yet scared sense and watched the ball roll around and meow. He reached out to touch the ball and found the ball was still the same texture of the ball, but looked identical to the cat. He started to pet the cat and it purred happily.

He asked himself over and over again to himself, How is this possible? He picked up the ball shaped Mr. Woofy and started walking home rolling the ball in his hands then tapping it again with his toes. The cat didn’t mind being tapped, since it felt no pain. After another few taps the ball changed again into a dog that they had seen running into the woods after the Mr. Woofy. “Wof! Woof!” the ball barked at him.

Chris stopped walking now. He was even more puzzled as to what was happening and began to direct his questions to the ball. “What are you?” he asked. The ball did not reply.

Shape shifters cannot verbally talk unless they take a human form. But one thing people from earth don't know about shape shifters is that they can communicate by creating words from thoughts onto their body by shaping them one sentence at a time. It began to shift a few words at a time onto the surface of the ball. His first words were, “I…am…Switch.”

Chris dropped the ball and watched it roll a few feet from him, surprised, “I’m…I’m Christopher. But you can call me Chris…So you are a ball that can change forms and also write?”

Switch’s body began to glow as his body took the form of a human. Now, he can talk freely, “No,” he replied, “I am a young boy shifter that is learning to change into his true self.” Chris asked where he was from and Switch replied, “Space”. He also told Chris how he lost his parents and needs to travel around earth to find them. Chris nodded with sympathy and told Switch about his mother.

“Please help me find my parents.” Switch begged, “You’re the first person that’s ever found me. Please. I can take you anywhere in the world, without using planes or boats or anything! Just say the name and I can get you there within minutes…or hours depending on where.”

“Ok.” Chris replied, “I’ll help you, but you have to help me find my mother.”

“Deal.” Switch said, “Once I transform 40 times in different locations, I will transform into my adult form, and gain much wisdom. Hopefully we can find them before then. If not, my adult form can surely track them.”

Chris smiled. He was so happy, “Thank you, Switch.”

He left Switch in the yard in front of his house for a minute and ran into the house to grab a picture of his mom from 10 years ago. His dad was still at work, so he left him a note saying he went out with a friend and will be back soon.

“This is what she looks like.” Chris handed him the picture. The picture was a sunny beach photo, dated back to 2000.

“Do you really think she’s still there?” Switch asked, “It’s been 10 years…”

“It’s the only lead we have.” He looked att he photograph sadly.

“True, but let’s search the countryside first. Maybe she settled down somewhere.” Switch replied.

Chris and Switch started their adventure across the country side. They came across many animals such as: cats, dogs, mice, birds, snakes, deer, rabbits, owls, foxes, and ducks. He changed into all of these animals to see which form felt the most comfortable and peaceful. But alas, none of them did. So he moved on to a neighboring farm that had a goat, sheep, chicken, horse, donkey, pig, cow, chick, rooster, goose, and a bull. He changed into each one of them, but again none of these felt right either. Since shifters can fly he was able to keep the shape of a ball and have Chris hold on to him to float over the water and snow to the arctic, oceans, and jungle. And finally onto a few mystical places found around the world that only a few humans ever witness. Once they found the last mystical location and 40 transformations later the once young Switch was finally transformed into his true adult self.

“Wow Switch,” Christopher gazed at him with amazement, “You’re…older!”

“Yes, Christopher.” Switch replied, “After shifting into so many things, I have reached my final form: my adult stage.” He looked up at the sky, noticing the sun starting to set, “And with my adult form comes adult knowledge.” Tears welled up in his eyes, “Everything is so clear now. Christopher, grab hold of me again, I know where our parents are now.” And with that he transformed into the ball again. Christopher held tightly, and off they went.

After a few minutes of flying, they arrived on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It was warm and sunny and palm trees blew gently in the breeze. Upon landing, they saw three figures laying in the sun: two were alien, the other was human.

“Mom!” Chris cried out and ran towards her.

“Mom! Dad!” Switch called out, running.

The figures stood up in surprise and stared in disbelief as their sons hugged them, crying.

Christopher’s mom was the first to speak, “Chris…oh honey. Is that really you? Look at you…my little baby boy is grown up.” She cried alongside him, “I’m so sorry. Your father and I divorced when you were a baby and he took you so far away, and never told me where.” She held him tighter.

Switch’s parents held onto him just as tight, “Oh Switch! We finally found you! You;ve been gone all day! Where have you been!? We told you not to go running off shifting without us!” The dad scolded through his tears, “But…you’re finally here now…that’s all that matters.”

Christopher and Switch looked at each other and smiled, thankful that they found each other in the woods that fateful day.

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